Autism research: We need your help!
Posted: 08 April 2012
The early detection of Autistic Spectrum Disorder using the Autistic Behavioural Indicators

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is rarely diagnosed in children under three years of age. Research studies have found the most common reason for delay in diagnosis is due to unreliable measures, unstandardised assessment and diagnostic practices, a significant time lag between age at first presentation of symptomology and parental concern and age at first ASD diagnosis due to practitioner difficulty in recognizing the early manifestations of ASD and inappropriate diagnostic criteria that fail to identify and discriminate young children with ASD from other groups of children.

Samantha is conducting research that aims to establish the utility of an Autism Specific instrument (Autistic Behavioural Indicators Instrument – ABII; Ward & Gilmore, 2010) in detecting young children with Autism and to investigate current diagnostic practices amongst health care professionals who are involved in the early assessment and diagnosis of young children with ASD. It is hoped that this research will help to facilitate earlier identification and diagnosis of ASD, and in doing so, allow for earlier entry into intervention programs and improve developmental outcomes for children with ASD.

Samantha is beginning recruitment and is looking for participants and help from anyone who would be willing to either be involved in the research or help distribute information about the research to potential participants.

Who is needed?

Study 1: Children 11-­48 months whose parents have concerns regarding their development.

Study 2: Children aged 2-­12 years who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

What does participation involve?

Undergoing Autism screening tools and parent report forms.

Study 1: 2 visits to a clinic over a 6 month period

Study 2: 1 visit to a clinic

For further information please contact Samantha on


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